> A ton more 3D buildings in Google Earth

[Digital Earth Blog] As reported by the Google Earth Blog, a ton of new 3D buildings have been released into Google Earth. They include, among other things, thousands of building generated by people using their new “Building Maker” tool.

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[Bit Rebels] Google Earth's Secret Places « Bit Rebels: Purely for personal reasons. Even though the major cities don't have much to offer as far as mysterious signs, blocked out zones or otherwise there are still a TON of secret and .

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[Mac.AppStorm] Google Sketchup: 3D For The Rest Of Us: Though Google provides SketchUp at the amazing price of $0, you can purchase SketchUp Pro for a whopping $495 (affordable student licensing is available). With SketchUp Pro you get more export features (including a sweet vector eps option), an additional app called Layout to create professional presentations with your models and a lot more freedom to customize styles and components within your models.

[Community Mashup] 3D buildings in Antwerp, Portage, and your buildings are coming ...: The Google SketchUp team just released another nice batch of 3D buildings. Along with a variety of new models from the 3D Warehouse, they've added a ton of grey buildings in Antwerp, Belgium (thanks for the tip Nick!

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