> Frank's Favorite Google Earth Blog Stories For 2005 [Google Earth Blog] The following is a list of my 10 favorite Google Earth Blog Stories for 2005 (out of nearly 200 entries) with a brief description why I picked each one (listed alphabetically).

Some related posts from Technorati and Google. [MyEastBayAgent] Turning the Tables on Dustin from Rain City Guide: As more people turn to the internet for information on their community, I'd like to turn Rain City Guide into a community resource for Seattle that goes way beyond it's current scope. Interestingly, real estate agents have more incentive than most to become community experts, and yet so many of them are clueless in ways to market themselves on the internet as experts on their local community.

北狂[北狂] 偶是google的fans: 所以平时用很多google的东西,发现自己用手指头一个个数竟然数不清楚了。。。只好copy过来: [RANDOMNESS] Google Friends Newsletter - October 2005: For those keen on adding information they want to see when they come to Google, the Personalized Homepage enables you to add your favorite news sources, weather, stock and movie information. Sign in to your Google Account, or get one and then get going.

[urbanoutback] test: Australia = little to no problems sleeping, Jetlag-associated or otherwise. The night we got back, I slept like it was 1999.

Lifehacker.com [] Lifehacker, the Productivity and Software Guide: Those of you who are looking to make a little scratch from your blog or Web site might be very interested in reading success stories from Google AdSense. They’ve even got one from our friend Matt Haughey.[] Dan Gillmor's blog | Bayosphere: What are your favorite Bay Area blogs and other sites? Technorati, the blog search engine, has launched what founder Dave Sifry calls -- I'd say with .

Googleblog.blogspot.com [] Official Google Blog: The illuminated continent: . He selected 500 of his favorite scenes of people, animals, geological formations, and signs of human presence and annotated them in Google Earth. Look for the red airplane icons as you fly over Africa. Each of these marks a spot where a high resolution image awaits your own personal voyage.[] Crooks and Liars: If anyone believes this utterly phony story that Luskin is cooking up (with the new special ingredient called "VNak"), that Rove forgot and now remembers because a little "VNak" spice was sprinkled in is as stupid as Bill O'Reilly using a year old Comedy Central clip to attack Jon Stewart with over the fake "war on Christmas." Lawrence could be right in the end, but only because Fitzmas thinks he can't get through the taste test. We'll know more after "VNak" testifies and brings her new lawyer with her.

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