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[Hawaii Blog] “Some cities (for example Las Vegas and Venice) do seem to be photographed almost entirely by tourists,” Fischer writes.

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[Streetsblog San Francisco] Streetsblog San Francisco » Mapping Your City with Pictures Taken ...: Having lived in New York for eight years, I gave Fischer my take: if you are only going to walk across one bridge on a visit to the city, you would pick the Brooklyn, both for the interesting views (much less dramatic since 9/11) and for the historicity of the bridge itself. If you know much about the photo opportunities from above the East River, however, you would take pictures from the Manhattan Bridge, where you can get lower Manhattan with the Brooklyn Bridge span in the shot.

[Tom picks up stuff] Elegant visualizations of cities by flickr geotags (divided into ...: A interesting updating of last year's project where Eric Fischer used geotags to create maps with visual densities of photo activity in big cities - this time he has sub-divided the activity into local (blue) and tourist (red) to evoke a fuller sense of how those groups see the cities.

[Monoscope] Eric Fischer: Locals and Tourists geotag photo maps (Monoscope): Some cities (for example Las Vegas and Venice) do seem to be photographed almost entirely by tourists. Others seem to have many pictures taken in piaces that tourists don't visit.

[Fotogeschenke | Home] Have been on Photosafari: “I was surprised how overwhelmingly touristy Venice and Las Vegas were,” added Fischer. “I expected that at least some local population.

[THE END OF BEING] GEOTAGGING - Local Vs. Tourist | THE END OF BEING: Red points are pictures taken by tourists (people who seem to be a local of a different city and who took pictures in this city for less than a month). Yellow points are pictures where it can’t be determined whether or not the photographer was a tourist (because they haven’t taken pictures anywhere for over a month).

[Violet Blue :: San Francisco] Locals in Blue; Tourists in Red | Violet Blue :: San Francisco: This geodata visualization image of San Francisco by Eric Fischer shows photographs taken by tourists (red), locals (blue) and non-sourceable (unknown if local or tourist; yellow) using Flickr's geotagging data.

[Weblogbook] New Pix: p#8220;I was surprised how overwhelmingly touristy Venice and Las Vegas were,#8221; added Fischer. #8220;I expected that at least some local population. You#8217;d think there would be at least people interested in the new construction ...

[Burrito Justice] Damn, Tourists! « Burrito Justice: Twinned with the Touristy Map Of The World is this amazing set of visualisations from Eric Fisher detailing concentrations of tourists in cities around the world, using geotagged photos.

[E-Blogs UK] City Tours via Crowd-Sourcing?: The map shows Berlin from many people's perspectives: the places photographed by residents are in blue, those photographed by tourists are in red. The pictures that don't really fit in either category are in yellow.

[Bearings] Richmond's Winehaven: A Future Indian Casino? - Bearings:  But on the West Side of the Chevron refinery is the city’s best kept secret - a small, little-developed waterfront stretch of 423 acres that reached the BRAC cutting room floor during Clinton-era military cutbacks.[2] As a result, a former military fuel depot has fortuitously landed on the City of Richmond’s doorstep.  This gift - sold to Richmond for $1 in 2003 - has quickly become a veritable ”˜toxic asset’ for the city, which now finds itself at the center of controversy and competing interests.[3]

[Gadling] Flickr's New York: A tale of two cities | Eric Fischer, a computer program, used geotagging data from Flickr and Picasa to plot maps of New York and 71 other cities, using a system he created for determining which shutterbugs are locals and which are from out of town. Using this system, we can divine the following: .

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