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[ScienceBlogs Channel : Environment] The geobloggers don't want the earth sciences left out, so we're participating. Anne Jefferson (Highly Allochthonous), Erik Klemetti (Eruptions), and I have a list of projects dealing with rocks, sand, water, weather, soil, and anything .

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[The Volcanism Blog] Dr Jonathan Castro talks Chaitén at Eruptions « The Volcanism Blog: In a great example of geoblogging outreach, Dr Erik Klemetti of Eruptions recently invited his readers to put questions on the Chaitén eruption to Dr Jonathan Castro. The questions and the answers are now posted at Eruptions, .

[ScienceBlogs Select] The Geoblogosphere : Highly Allochthonous: Do you have an HTML code for your blog-roll? Not that I want to be on your blog roll because my blog isn't even nearly geology related, I'm just asking because I've recently become interested in Geology and would find such a list educational.

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