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[The CMS Expert] ..) from this map will be loaded.You can hide the module in some case, like in detailed view of Directories pages or profile views.If you place the module on supported directory pages (like Sobipro, Mosets tree, AdsManager, ”¦), and you have configured the ”˜Auto-category’ mode to Yes (in markerset manager), the map will display the markers for the current category (and child categories as well) only.

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[All Markup News] All Markup News » Geocode Factory Map Search for Community ...: All features of Geocode Factory maps are usable, and you can display any markersets (Sobi markers, Events markers ...) at same time, only the Community Builder markers will be filtered.Geocode Factory component is requiered.

[Press] New Products from the Joomla! Extensions Directory: Select the Geocode Factory map to display and all markerset and options (radius search, side lists, ...) from this map will be .

[Issues for all projects] [master]Improve UI for entering and geocoding of locations | With Street: Tunnelstraße, City: Norden, Province: Niedersachsen, Country: Germany you get a “not found”-error. With City: Brest, Province: Finistere - Bretagne, Country: France and with City: Belfort, Province: Haute-Saone - Territoire de Belfort you get lost somewhere in space (first example: Provence, second example: area of Bordeaux), but the map will not show the right cities.

[Home - Quality Joomla extensions] How to display a streetview image in the bubble - How to - Docs ...: Ensure you that you have at least the version 2.1.2 of Geocode Factory; Edit the markerset where you want to display the streetview;

[ms.trinity] Google App Engine, Bi-Directional communication channels, real ...: result = urlfetch.fetch(url) res = simplejson.loads(result.content) if(res['results'][0] != None): lat = res['results'][0]['geometry']['location']['lat'] lon = res['results'][0]['geometry']['location']['lng'] address_formatted = res['results'][0]['formatted_address'] logging.log(logging.INFO, name) placekey = addLocation(name, address_formatted, lat, lon) response = { 'action': "display_address_lookup", #action recieved in javascript onMessage 'results' : "congrats! you have successfully added your location.", 'placekey' : placekey } channel.send_message(key, simplejson.dumps(response))#kick off an update to all the users update = LocationsUpdate() update.dispatch(placekey) else: response = { 'action': "display_address_lookup", #action recieved in javascript onMessage 'results' : "The address could not be found.

[Beginning Google Maps Applications] Extending The API To Create Labeled Markers at Beginning Google ...: Fortunately, the designers of the Google Maps API have managed to make it extremely accessible””if all you ever did was instantiate their classes and then build scripts around those objects, you could still create very interesting and compelling maps. Creating a cool map is firstly about content, and secondly about technology.

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