> Google Earth Community RSS Feeds Available [Google Earth Blog] My friend Stefan Geens at OgleEarth will be glad to hear Google has just offered some RSS feeds for the Google Earth Community forums. You can read the post by one of the forum moderators called 'PenguinOpus' which contains links to the RSS feeds.

Some related posts from Technorati and Google.  Google Earth Blog: was added for a number of cities around the world including Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt; several cities in India; (via Cosmos)

The Map Room: A Weblog About Maps The Map Room: A Weblog About Maps: I love Google, and I love their maps, and I don’t even go anywhere. I just like to study them. (via Cosmos)

gps tracklog: The Map Room Ogle Earth Cartography (via Cosmos) - webblogg - Följ länkarna... - webblogg - Följ länkarna...: Fast jag tycker Web 2.0-begreppet är svårt att få grepp om - handlar det bara om att göra smartare webbapplikationer, som faktiskt går att använda den här gången, med hjälp av t.ex. Ajax-tekniker, eller är det öppnandet av stora datamängder via standardiserade format, såsom API:er och RSS-flöden och sedan möjligheten att mixa innehåll från olika källor, eller handlar det om (i mina ögon långt mycket intressantare) nya vägar för människor att enkelt kunna bidra med eget innehåll på nätet (text, ljud, bild och video). (via Cosmos) [Geograph British Isles - photograph every grid square!] TM0242 : Hadleigh Church: Interacting with other software... view images in GoogleEarth KML get RSSfeeds of images RSS view

[Ogle Earth] RSS for Google Earth Community (pretty please): The official GoogleEarth Community bulletin board is a great resource... except that it lacks RSSfeeds.

Googleblog.blogspot.com [] Official Google Blog: Feed the world: And, because I rarely get a forum like this, I'd personally like to thank Google for being able to participate in building Reader with the sorts of accomplished engineers who help keep these web bits pretty interesting. (Waves to Search, Gmail, Maps, Print, News, Suggest, etc.) Thankfully, we're not alone -- everyone involved from corporate entities to thousands of independent developers seem to be focused on lowering the barrier to entry for actually making feeds useful.[] The Unofficial Google Weblog: Google was not the first company to consider scanning printed products for a digital archive, but there has certainly been a rush of initiatives launched since Google gained so much notoriety for its Google Print Libraries program. The latest announcement comes from the Library of Congress, which is seeking to build a so-called World Digital Library, a multilingual project involving the digitization of all kinds of objects and recordings.

Googlesightseeing.com [] Google Sightseeing: Salvation Mountain also marks the entrance to Slab City, an ex-military training base which has become a camp for squatters and RV drivers. The area has no electricity or running water and takes its name from the large concrete slabs which were left when the military abandoned the area.

Ejohn.org [] Traffic Conditions Data - John Resig: So I was poking around the Dashboard Widget archive on the official Apple site and spotted a Yahoo Traffic Conditions widget. This is interesting because they are somehow getting the data from their web site in a easy-to-parse format.

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